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A Bailey Plumbing Thermal Heat Pump Pool Heater range

A Bailey Plumbing is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected brands. It is synonymous with hot water heating. What is not so well known is that A Bailey Plumbing is also Australia’s leading specialist in pool & spa water heating, both for residential and commercial applications.

Residential Pool & Spa Heating

Picture this – you wake up in the morning and step outside to take a dip in your pool or spa. The only problem? It’s winter, and your pool or spa is stuck at a bone-chilling temperature all day long. While the hardy few won’t be put off by a freezing dip, most of us will head back inside for a cup of coffee instead.

Even with Australia’s great climate, most people don’t get enough use out of their swimming pool or spa. An unheated pool or spa might be usable for only four to six months of the year but, for a big chunk of the time, it is just left out in the cold.

So what’s the answer?

For anyone who wants to get more use out of their pool and spa, investing in a pool or spa heating system from Rheem is the best choice. Whether you want your pool or spa heated all year round, or just want to extend the number of months you can use your pool and spa either side of summer and during winter, installing a pool or spa heater can give you that versatility.

Our range of residential pool and spa heaters covers both electric heat pumps and gas.

Our residential pool & spa heat pump range extends from a 9kW to 30kW nominal heating capacity, with the RPH compact inverter series and the RTHP premium series.

The RPH Compact Inverter Series – is the latest innovation in pool heating technology with inbuilt wi-fi, twin rotary inverter compressors, electronically commutated (EC) fan and eco-friendly refrigerant R32 gas.

The Rheem Thermal Premium RTHP Series – is the latest generation of the RTHP range, which for more than 35 years has been the leading Australian-made pool and spa heat pump. It represents the culmination of Rheem’s unrivalled experience in heat pump development and design for Australian conditions and remains manufactured at our factory in Revesby (Sydney).

The RTHP premium residential pool heat pumps are in effect a scaled down version of the larger Rheem commercial heat pumps which are specified into Australian and international major aquatic centre projects, meaning that they carry the highest quality of componentry. The open layout of these units means that they are favourite of the service industry and our local production means that ongoing product technical support and spare parts are readily available.

The Rheem Thermal RTHP series includes two premium options, the RTHP026 and RTHP030. These units include an increased evaporator area to provide high efficiency particularly at low ambient temperatures. The large evaporator reduces the pressure of air movement making the unit a low noise design, with a metered level of 51dBa at 3mtrs. It is extremely quiet and is the perfect options for suburban backyards.

Rheem retains complete flexibility in the local manufacture of the RTHP series to allow for a unique range of design options, including top or side fan configuration and our exclusive Rheem IQ® controllers.

Our Rheem Thermal RTHP premium commercial pool heat pumps have led the Australian market for over 35 years.

Our commercial range extends from 38kW to 540kW nominal heating capacity.

The standing of the Rheem Thermal heat pump is evident with its use in internationally prestigious competitions such the Pan Pacs, Commonwealth Games, Pacific Games and Asian Games.

As is the case with the Residential RTHP range, the Commercial units are manufactured in Sydney meaning that an unparalleled degree of customisation is possible to suit individual project requirements.

Rheem Thermal has achieved benchmark performance through dedicated product development. Rheem Thermal is Australia’s only heat pump manufacturer with a full psychrometric test laboratory, where we can develop heat pump designs in controlled conditions from -10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius ambient. The laboratory enables Rheem Thermal to continually strive for higher efficiencies and better performance.

The Rheem Thermal RTHP Series Commercial heat pumps are the best that we can build. The product features:

  • Purpose designed refrigeration system
  • Increased total evaporator area to maximise efficiency in cold climate locations
  • Specialised fan control to manage air flows at high ambient
  • Full commercial quality construction with marine grade aluminium case and Rheem Cote® anti-corrosion treatment of the evaporator
  • Digital Controls
  • Rheem IQ® control including optional BMS connectivity
  • Copeland or Danfoss scroll compressors
  • Coil Guard/s
  • Condensate drainage
  • Quality assured manufacture with certification to ISO 9001
  • Rheem IQ® control

Although we’re the largest pool heating solutions provider in Australia, our staff don’t work on the assumption that they know everything. Regardless of how small or large a project may be, our personnel use a five-step process to acquaint themselves with your system:

  • Discuss the ins and outs of your pool or spa heating needs.
  • Gather technical data regarding your ongoing requirements.
  • Apply predictive algorithms to determine how a specific heating system will perform.
  • Choose a heating solution that best accommodates your requirements.
  • Make custom adjustments to our application if necessary.
  • Sizing and modelling


Rheem Thermal’s pool heating sales and technicians will assist you in developing an energy-efficient pool or spa heating system, ensuring your pool & spa water heating system retains optimal temperature with minimal power consumption.

To do so, we analyse the following data:

  • Pool size
  • Shading
  • Geographic location
  • Swimming season
  • Desired pool temperature
  • Wind exposure
  • Cover/Blanket use

Request a Pool / Spa Heat Pump Quote , fill in the Pool Heating Profile Questionnaire, and we will be able to get back to you with our pool or spa heating proposal.

After contacting us to develop a heating solution, you’ve established a lifelong relationship with Rheem​ factory engineers, product specialists and pool heating technicians. Our dedicated salespeople, technicians and engineers are industry leaders and know our products back to front. Whether you are looking for a heat pump or a gad solution to your pool & spa heating needs, we have the expertise and advice to provide the right product for your needs. Of course, you don’t have to go all the way back to the factory to see the support we can offer. At Rheem, our sales staff are experts in the field, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every client we work with. This front-line support has been crucial for building Rheem’s reputation as a trusted supplier of pool & spa heating equipment. Ultimately, our primary focus is to ensure you get the best system for your needs. It’s not about selling you the most expensive heating solution, but the most practical, high-quality one. If you have any questions concerning our services or how we develop custom pool & spa heating applications, give us a call on 07 3901 0160 or drop us an email to: quotes@abplumbingandsolar.com.au
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