If your home is in a temperate or tropical location, which is not subject to frost and you have good quality potable water, then the Rheem 52L Series system is ideal. This system operates on the natural thermosiphon principle, i.e. when water is heated it rises. Exclusive to Rheem Specialist Dealers. 

The 52L Series system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank. This process continues whilst the sun is shining, giving you and your family ample hot water.

*The warranty periods apply to installations in a single-family domestic dwelling only. For futher details please refer to Owners Guide click here.

  Units 52L180 52L300
Storage Cylinder
Capacity litres 180 305
Outside Dimensions mm 571 x 1215 571 x 1905
Weight – Full2 kg 228 377
Weight – Empty kg 48 72
Max Inlet Pressure kPa 550 550
Insulation – Thickness mm 47 47
Total System
Dimensions – Area on roof mm 2562 x 1615 2562 x 2494
No. of Collectors (Typical)   1 2
Weight – Full2 kg 267 454
Weight – Empty2 kg 85 145
Warranty Duration Cylinder Collector Spare Parts Labour
52L/52H NPT200 Series 7 years 7 years 3 years 1 year
52L/52H Aust 10 Series  10 years 10 years 5 years 5 years
52L/52H Titan Series  10 years 10 years 5 years 5 years

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